Got any questions about flags or countries? Ask in the comments below, and post your email in the post to get the answer in an email. The reply you will get will be from the email: flagcollectingjimdo

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Q: Do you collect real flags in real life?


A: No, we get visitors to flag counters and other hit counters from all over the world and each new visitor from a country we did not have a visitor from before is a new flag collected.



Q: I am a new collector. Can you help me?


A: Feel free to join our flag collecting group here:



Q: I want to start collecting, where do I start?


A: Visit our links page at:, and pick a website you want your counter from. Personally we recommend flagcounter or supercounter. Then feel free to join our flag collecting group, which there is a link to in the question above this one.


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